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Colonialism and Ethnocentrism in Higher Education

Bureaucrats Discriminate Against Faculty who are US Citizens This post will address three issues that involve faculty from countries other than the United States. Bureaucrats replace faculty who are American citizens with foreign nationals as a way of saving money … Continue reading

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Educators who March into Hell!

    Faculty! Beware of Idealism and Altruism! They could ruin your life! Manipulative bureaucrats often dupe faculty because they understand how dedicated faculty are to students and to their disciplines. The lyrics of “The Impossible Dream” from The Man … Continue reading

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Students Who Should Not Enroll in College!

Disruptive Students Ruin the College Learning Environment Today almost anyone can go to college.  Federal, state, and college loan programs make obtaining an education a reality.  What a deal!  When I entered college, we had to compete academically in order … Continue reading

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Stealing the Future of Our Children

Students Deserve to be Taught by Humane Experts not Counterfeits  Who is really teaching the students? At my previous university, some departments employed students who had not received their Master’s degrees to teach undergraduate students. Most of these graduate-teaching students … Continue reading

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