Hello Everyone,

Marla 72dpi

Marla J. Selvidge, Ph.D.

This blog is a result of frustrations that I have encountered in Higher Education.  I began teaching in my twenties, ahead of the curve.  I think my first contract was in 1973 and I retired in May of 2014.  That is a long time.  Throughout my career I attempted to be on the cutting edge of topics and technology.  I bought my first Epson Computer in 1981 and have been computing since that time.  My earliest experience with computers was in 1970 when I was hired to enter data in the computer (how boring!)

I have been teaching and developing courses online for about ten years.  No one at my university helped me to develop the classes.  One person helped me with learning how to navigate Blackboard.

Elvis Cover Small copy

For the Love of Elvis

Second Cover

Demimonde. The Other Story

My Ph.D. is in Biblical Languages and Literatures (Hebrew and Koine Greek).  I have written numerous books and articles, given scores of papers on many topics including: peace, feminist interpretation of the bible, the New Testament, the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament/First Testament, and so many, more academic books.  My most recent books include a novel Demimonde.  The Other Story and a positive biographical look at the life of Elvis,  For the Love of Elvis.

Throughout most of my career I have had a wonderful man to support me, Thomas C. Hemling, Ph.D.  Here we are on one of our treks.  We have two wonderful canines also.


Artic Circle 2(1)











Before the end of the year I will finish a book on the life of Igor Yusov and the Red Elvises.  Below is the proposed cover for the book! And a recent photo of Igor and the author!

Second Cover Igor

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  1. tomhemling says:

    Interesting blog about the terrorist in the classroom. From the title I though maybe the blog would be about tenure and promotion committees


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