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The Brutal Legacy of Genocide and the Children of Cambodia

This Blog is Taking a Break to walk a Difficult Path This is a story that I have to tell.  I want to write more about the story but Hoy Pheakdey and I have been cut off from communicating with … Continue reading

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Colonialism and Ethnocentrism in Higher Education

Bureaucrats Discriminate Against Faculty who are US Citizens This post will address three issues that involve faculty from countries other than the United States. Bureaucrats replace faculty who are American citizens with foreign nationals as a way of saving money … Continue reading

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Coping with Sexist Politics in the Academy

Sexist Politics Permeate Higher Education In my last blog I summarized some of the sexist politics I faced in my career.  So many people have asked me, “Why did you stay?  When the heat was on and you were crying … Continue reading

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Sexist Politics in the Academy

Females are Bullied, Marginalized, and Devalued in the Academy At my former institutions sexist politics was the name of the game for the males– both bureaucrats and faculty –on campus.  It took many forms and often it was very effective … Continue reading

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