Students Who Should Not Enroll in College!

Disruptive Students Ruin the College Learning Environment

Unprepared College Students

College Students Today

Today almost anyone can go to college.  Federal, state, and college loan programs make obtaining an education a reality.  What a deal!  When I entered college, we had to compete academically in order to be allowed to enter a college.  We are so lucky these days!

Gaining entrance to a university does not automatically mean that a student will learn anything or achieve anything.  University budgets are set up knowing that a huge percentage of students will fail and not continue.  This is another bureaucratic nightmare where they do not qualify students.  Every student means money so the philosophy is, “Let Niagara Falls flow.”

The problem is that many of us teach General Education classes.  First year students are generally loaded up with these types of classes. So year after year, professors face a hoard of students who are adjusting to college life and at the same time enrolling in classes that they never dreamed existed.

Many students are the first generation entering college.  Some have no support at home.  Some have no income.  Some have children.  Some are athletes.  Some come from disadvantaged families where they have never learned how to be civil, nor do they have any social graces.  Some have addiction problems.  Some have been in prison.  Place those students in classrooms of between thirty and one hundred and fifty students and you  have a recipe for volatility.

From the beginning of a class until the end of it some students demonstrate a total disrespect for the classroom and its professor.  I tried to set up rules to curb some of this anti-social behavior but they never worked at the 100% level.  Since the advent of the smart phone, it is almost impossible to stop students from sending text messages or checking their email.  It is an obsession.  They even do it under the top of the desk.

Disruptive Students

Classrooms are Combat Zones









Over the years students have engaged in all sorts of disruptive behavior.  Here is a list:

  • Students continue to read newspapers, holding them up high, even after class begins.  One class I taught years ago to graduate students included a back row of males that sat and read the newspaper throughout the semester.

  • Students wear clothing that disrupts other students.  One of my female students continually wore only a bra to class and laced it with potent perfume that sent the guys into a spin.  Several male students dropped this course because they could not even think in class.

  • Students wear almost nothing to class.  One of  my male students continued to wear shorts to class without any underwear.  You could see everything when he sat down because his shorts were split in the middle.

  • Students use their clothing to control the instructor.  I had one biker in the class who wore elbow length gloves.  When he wanted the class to end, he would take out one glove at a time and snap them together.  The entire class watched him as he put them on because he always sat in the front row, directly in front of me.

  • Students draw x-rated pictures in class and pass them around.

  • Students kiss in class, hold hands, and begin some type of dating ritual.

  • Students witness about their faith to others in class.  They think they are taking them to heaven with them.

  • Students slouch, sleep, listen to music, are consistently late, and bring no materials to take notes.  They refuse to be part of the class even though they have enrolled in it.

  • Students leave class after only a few minutes and never return for the day.

  • Students become hostile if you mention a topic close to their hearts.  They argue with the professor or argue with other students in class.

  • Students cheat like the wind.  I will write an entire post on strategies they have used.

  • Students come by your office and offer their sexual services to you if you will change their grades.  “Isn’t there anything I can do for you?”

  • Students harm other students.  One day we were discussing Confucianism and one of my male students took his knee and hit the back of an older lady and she fell on the floor as she was walking out of the classroom.  He just walked away.  He did not like her opinion about Asian religions.

  • Students shake their fist at you if you don’t give them the grade they want.  They even sit outside your office walking back and forth across your doorway, as if they are going to do something to you.  They yell at you in front of one hundred and fifty students, “Who the hell do you think you are?  What right do you have to grade my grammar!”

  • Students lay guns on your desk as a way to intimidate you to change their grades. Students are often armed with switch-blades, small hand guns in their boots or pockets, and brass knuckles.

  • Students bring charges against you if they don’t obtain the grade they want.

  • Students even email obscenities to you.  I have been called a “mother fu….”

There are many strategies that I have taken over the years to attempt to calm students and help them to learn.  In the end, many students do not belong in college.  During my first year at my recent job, I took a paper written by one of students to the Dean.  There was not one word spelled correctly, and the person did not understand sentence structure or grammar.  He sloughed it off.  That student should not be in college.

Many students think that they do not have to read or process or analyze material.  They love objective tests because they can achieve some points without studying.  They plagiarize and copy from one another.  During one historic year I caught thirty students copying from each other or downloading their entire paper from the internet.  I had all the evidence.  Again, taking the problem to the Provost, he did not believe me.  He would not address the issues.  “We need that revenue so don’t worry about it.”

Clearly, many students are admitted to universities as a way to enhance revenue.  We use them for our own benefit.   Many students should not be in college.  They should be directed to other types of work environments. They destroy the learning environment of others  because they have not come to learn nor do they know how or want to learn.  They have other things on their minds.

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