Give a Standing Ovation to Midway Ford of Kansas City, MO!

Honest people at Midway Ford!

Beware of Roadside Assistance Insurance!  

After a  nice walk at Stockton Lake, we noticed that one of the tires on our motorhome was flat.  We have a single axel with double tires so we were not in danger, but we thought we would use our Roadside Assistance Insurance. We have had it a year and have never used it.  We called.  They answered. We gave them the location.  Everything was looking good.  Then the news came.

Oh, do you understand that your insurance does not pay for parts or labor on anything like that?  Did you know that since this is Sunday there is a double charge for someone to come out and replace or fix the tire?  That will be around $800.  Thank you very much!  What is the number on your charge?  Thank you very much!Flat Tire

After a little discussion, we decided to try fixing it on our own.  We visited several gas stations, the air compressor was broken at one, and the nozzle did not fit at the other gas stations.  We headed for Flying J Truck Stop on I435.  Surely they could help us!  We arrived and I headed for the desk.  Four guys were manning the service center and one of them came up to the front.  “Can I help.”  I explained the situation.  He came out and looked at the tire.  He couldn’t help.  They wouldn’t even know how to handle a tire situation on a motorhome.  The motorhome is really a truck, isn’t it?  They pointed to a tire company ten miles down the road.

Guy at Midway Ford

Jim Davis, Light Truck Service Advisor, Midway Ford

Luckily a guy from Midland Ford (Undetermined name, but give him a hand!) pulled up where we were having a discussion about the tire.  “I can fix it.  Follow me.”  We followed him for a few minutes to Midland Ford where we met Jim Davis, Light Truck Service Advisor.  He said they could help us.  We abandoned the motorhome to wait for the results wondering how much it was going to cost.  We were resigned to losing a very large sum of money.

In a few minutes, they pulled our motorhome out in front of the shop.  We went to pay the bill. What?  There is nothing wrong with the tire?  What, the stem was broken.  What, we don’t need a new tire?  What?  We owe you how much?  We owe you $20.  We could not believe it.  Midland Ford was efficient, friendly, helpful, and honest.  Thank you Midland Ford!

I had read our Roadside Assistance Policy several times, but never really understood that they are really only a call center.  They teamed up with another Roadside Assistance Company (Can you believe it?) to send the tire and a person to help us.  My suggestion to everyone who has Roadside Assistance Coverage for their RV or Motorhome, is to read the policy closely and then call the insurer and ask them what the procedures are for obtaining help and exactly what they will do for you.

For a lot less money, I would just purchase a GPS and then thumb through the categories that are listed in order to find help.  If you know the states in which you will be traveling make a list of truck service centers before you leave.  You could also find assistance on your smart phone or computer in minutes that could save you thousands of dollars. Our Roadside Assistance provided for a tow and five gallons of gas.  If they sent someone out to help, there was a huge service call.

How often do you find a business today that will not take you to the cleaners!  Hooray for Midway Ford, we need more businesses like yours!


This is a time-out from issues in Higher Education.  I will be back soon!

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